Guru Pema’s Testament To The Yogins

Then Nyang Trulzhik made this request on behalf of the yogins. ‘Guru, if it is your intention to leave Tibet for India, please tell us yogins how we should behave in the future.’

And Guru Pema replied:

Listen, Tibetan yogins, all confident in vision and meditation,
A yogin realizes the ultimate unstructured nature of reality,
A yogin intuits the awareness of the now in total presence;
This is what the practice of yoga means.
Vision is free of emotivity; let go of prejudice.
Meditation has no point of reference; let go of mental supports.
Conduct is free of ‘yes’ and ‘no’; let go of ego.
The goal cannot be avoided or attained; just let it go.
The samaya cannot be cheated; do not be deceitful.
Dharma-reality is non-sectarian; do not cling to dogma.
Phenomena are delusory;
Beware of captivation by appearances.
Food is the staff of life; do not jump into destitution.
Wealth and property are illusory; do not hanker after them.
Clothes are to keep out the cold; ignore fashion.
Sameness is nondual; do not be snagged by your retinue.
Our kingdom is limitless; do not be bound to your homeland.
An empty cave is a home; do not stick to the monastery.
A yogin is a solitary being; do not stay glued to a group.
Desirelessness is detachment; do not be bound by clinging.

Spontaneous liberation is a relaxed, loose space,
So do not play the pretentious guru.
Pema Jungne must leave you now.
Present and future Tibetan yogins,
Take this advice to heart.

Excerpt from Guru Pema Here and Now: The Mythology of the Lotus Born
Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman