Tibetan Blue Silk Khata / Khada / Offering Scarf


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A Khata, Khada, Khadag or Hada is a traditional ceremonial scarf used in Tibet, Nepal, and Mongolia. It symbolizes purity, goodwill, ausipiciousness, compassion and sincerity of ones offering, with no negative thoughts or motives in mind. Khada can be presented at any festive occasions as a gift (symbol of good luck/congratulations) to a host, friends and relatives or at weddings, births, graduations, important religious rituals, arrivals and departure of guests etc. The Tibetans commonly give a kind acknowledgment of “Tashi Delek” (meaning good luck) at the time of presenting.

They look more like a long scraf and have auspicious signs or mantras inscribed or printed into the fabric.

Size: 19 x 73 inches / 48 x 180 cm approx.

Weight: 0,2 lbs / 90 grams.

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