Eight Tibetan Auspicious Symbol Prayer Flag


Made in Nepal.

This prayer flag is representing the eight tibetan auspicious symbols.

The eight symbols are:

1. Precious parasol, protection from sickness, obstacles and suffering

2. Golden fish, happiness due to fearlessness, fertility & abundance in the ocean of samsara.

3. Wish granting vase, endless rain of long life, wealth & prosperity.

4. Delightful lotus, purify renunciation and divinity.

5. Melodious white conch, sound of spreading of Buddha’s teaching.

6. Perfect endless knot, Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion.

7. Victorious banner, victory over obstacles and negativities.

8. Dharma wheel, wheel of dharma of shakyamuni buddha and dharma teachings.

The auspicious prayer flag brings peace, prosperity, compassion, good-luck, good health and victory over obstacles.

Size: each flag is 8 X 8 inches (20 x 20 cm), it contains 8 flags. Total length: approx. 85 inches / 212 cm.

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