HUGE Buddhist Mantra Mandala Thangka (46 inches / 115 cm)


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Huge Buddhist Mantra Mandala Thangka

Origination: Nepal.

In the real life these mantra mandala thangkas are really huge and just incredibly amazing. They have intense power. These are the most beautiful and unique Buddhist mandala thangkas you can find nowadays. They were made for a special request in Nepal only in a 20 pieces quantity. Just hang it on your wall and you made everything in order to bring peace and harmony into your home.

Artwork method: hand made Buddhist mantra mandala painting on canvas traditionally framed with high quality Nepalese brocade.

Size with brocade: approx. 115 x 85 cm / 46 x 34 inches.

Visible size of mandala painting: approx. 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 inches.

The mantra you can find on this thangka is the Chenrezig mantra OM Mani Padme Hum.

Weight: 1.2 lb / 560 grams.

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