Buddha Thangkas

A thangka, also called as tangka, thanka or tanka, is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton or canvas. It is usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. A central deity is often surrounded by other identified figures in a symmetrical composition. Thangka serve as important teaching tools depicting the life of the Buddhas, influential lamas and other deities and bodhisattvas.

Thangka perform several different functions. Images of deities are teaching tools when depicting the lives of the Buddhas. They describes historical events concerning important Lamas, or retelling myths associated with other deities. Devotional images act as the centerpiece during a ritual or ceremony and are often used as mediums through which one can offer prayers or make requests. Overall, and perhaps most importantly, religious art is used as a meditation tool to help bring one further down the path to enlightenment. The Buddhist Vajrayana practitioner uses a thanga image as a guide, by visualizing themselves as being that deity, thereby internalizing the Buddha qualities Thangkas hang on or beside altars.

Thangkas also shine your bedroom, meditation room or office.

These beautiful brocaded thangka collection is hand painted on canvas and originate from Nepal.

Thangkas follow the traditional depiction of Buddhas and deities. There are no two perfectly same thangka as they are all uniquely painted. The pictures of the items you see in this collection were also taken individually. In real life they are even more beautiful and energetic than the digital versions.

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