We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. After you have received the ordered items in the unlikely event of not being satisfied with our service you have 30 days to cancel the transaction and return your package for a full refund. As your satisfaction is our highest aim you do not need to explain the reason of your decision to return the shipment. Please note to be eligible for a full refund your item must be unused and in the same condition as you received it.

When you ship back an item over 50 USD, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance as we cannot guarantee we will receive your returned item.

In case you receive an item damaged during shipment please contact us immediately. Save ALL packing materials and paperwork. If you notice external package damage at the time of delivery alert the delivery person right then and if possible, have them verify this damage in writing. It will be necessary to submit a claim to the delivery service.

Please contact us at if you have any question about our satisfaction guarantee service.

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