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Thank You for visiting. We wish You a great journey by all the products we offer. All the thangka paintings You find in Samadhi Shop are traditionally hand made by Buddhist thangka painters and they all originate from Nepal like most of our other items.We hope all the products we offer will help You finding and strengthening your inner peace and harmony. Some of them could be your lifelong supporter by harmonizing You and your home and all the sentient beings who keep in touch with. We would like to share with you some simple, yet very important reasons why to choose us:

  • At Samadhi Buddhist Center and Shop we are people who are Buddhists ourselves. Therefore we know what products we distribute. You can contact us with related topics anytime.
  • All of our products are blessed by our Lama teacher due to Tibetan Buddhist traditions.
  • We operate a non-stop customer service. In case you have questions or problems you can reach us 24/7 at info@samadhishop.com or (+36) 20 822 7697.
  • Based on our own first hand experiences we can distinguish the original quality products and the worthless ones which have no place in Samadhi Shop. You can be sure that the quality of the products purchased from us will be impeccable.
  • All traditional product lines come from Nepal and Tibet area. The exclusively distributed unique dharma apparel -to ensure the highest quality- are custom-built and delivered to our customers from the United States.
  • Beyond legal obligations we offer 30-day satisfaction guarantee for our products. What does it mean? After the reception of the merchandise you have 30 days to cancel your purchase without giving us a reason. If you decide to do this we will refund the full purchase price.
  • Samadhi Shop is an international web shop serving throughout the World. We know we can be competitive only with exceptional service therefore customer satisfaction is vital for us.

We are really grateful you are here and hoping you will be one of our satisfied and returning customers.

If you are in Budapest, do not forget to visit our shop and Buddhist Center. We are in the very heart of Budapest, near Octogon and the famous Andrássy Street.

Sincerely: Samadhi Shop team

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